AER Lounge

Reality and illusion blur at AER, a sophisticated, 10,000 square-foot lounge in Manhattan’s fashionable Meatpacking District, where Focus Lighting utilized a range of visual effects with highly reflective materials to create an elegant, dreamlike space.

Butterflies suspended in glowing resin dewdrops, with each drop lit with a single embedded fiber optic point, greet patrons upon entering.  Sensually curving walls boldly lit with strong colors surround the main dance floor, providing a strikingly energetic environment in which to dance and relax. The VIP lounge’s semi-transparent walls fade into an image of a vast forest; portions of the floor drop away into an infinity of light and kinetic images using mirrored video pits embedded into the ground; the black reflective ceiling surface of the VIP lounge visually extended the walls upward, creating the illusion of soaring height within a basement space