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Stephen Alton

Atlas Residential Lobby

Focus Lighting, Inc. collaborated with avant-garde architects Stephen Alton to create this stunning new entrance to the Atlas residential complex in New York City. The main feature of the lobby is a 12′ high, 18′ long backlit glass artwork image. It is backlit with T-8 fluorescent strips with 3000K lamps, Hi-lume dimming ballasts and R08 color sleeves. This gave us the best color to reproduce the artist’s intent and the control to vary the intensity of the wall with the incoming daylight.

The opposite wall holds a light sculpture designed by Paul Gregory and Stephen Alton. Utilizing (2) 150 CDM lekos recessed into the ceiling, we projected the image of light emitting from behind a wall. We utilized red light projects onto a red surface. The CDM lamps meant minimal relamping and maintenance that helped ensure the focus of the image would not be disturbed.

The accent lighting at the seating areas and concierge desk is supplied by recessed, trimless 2-head MR-16 fixtures with louvers and peach color filters. The water passage serves as the path from the main lobby to the elevator corridor. The right wall is like a sheet of water flowing over stainless steel. This effect is grazed by T-8 fluorescent strips with blue R68 color sleeves mounted into a cove above. The center of this area is a pop up cove with a knife-edge and deep blue neon. It creates an illusion of an endless night sky upward.

The elevator lobby is a room that is completely made of Italian Marble. Flanking each elevator, we backlit a section of the marble with 2800K neon. This allowed for a seamless continuation of the surface while allowing for a dramatic accent. Custom backlit alabaster chandeliers with T-8 fluorescent lamps at 3000K lamps and Hi-Lume dimming ballasts light the space.

The end view of the elevator corridor is a custom 6′ high projection of fashion photography onto Italian white marble (honed). Utilizing custom gobos and a leko, the image can be easily changed yet still run 24 hours a day with long lamp life. The floor is ramped up to the image to create more distance.

Abandoning the typical elevator lighting, we used color changing LED’s at the rear of each cab. The LED were in a programmable array that can display messages and simple graphics while providing much of the illumination in the cab. The messages are programmed by the Concierge via a wireless computer network. The original messages were architectural and lighting quotes such as ‘More and more, so it seems to me, light is the beautifier of the building…’ -Frank Lloyd Wright, then the resident could try and guess who said them. Additional lighting is provided by a sleeved T-8 fluorescent curved cove at the ceiling.