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Carlton Hotel

The architectural concept was to use imagery of the landmarked building facade throughout the design we were able to call upon the one time grandeur of the existing hotel and revive it’s faded elegance.

This concept culminates in the water feature where a show happens every 5, 10 or 15 minutes revealing an over sized image of the building exterior facade from the early 1900’s (printed on theatrical scrim fabric) behind the textured glass panel. Alternately the image slowly transforms into a fiber optic ripple effect. This show happens automatically throughout the day and night.

We wanted to use a theatrical approach to lighting this space. Instead of mounted recessed fixtures in the high ceiling we created architectural slots in the high ceiling and detailed a catwalk to run around the entire ceiling, providing easy access for lamp change and focus maintenance. We wanted to create a sense of being “on stage” for the hotel guests. By combining and manipulating multiple layers of light we were able to delicately balance the “on stage” look with a comfortable feel.