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Las Vegas, NV

Interior Architect


Company American Bistro

A restaurant such as Company American Bistro stands out in the flamboyant Las Vegas. The cozy, modern and luxurious ski-lodge restaurant, located at the Luxor Hotel, is adorned with authentic rusted steel panels, vintage skis and sleds, tree trunk pillars and old barn wood paneling.

To make the dining experience intimate in this large, yet warm dining room, track lighting is designed to bring attention to each table. The ceiling track is ideal for making adjustments as the interior arrangements change over time. Adjacent mesh-metal chandelier pendants create an intermediary datum line, keeping the room low and contained, while regal and elegant. The refracted light through the mesh also gives a bit of movement and interest to the vast ceiling.

Other standout features, like the wine cellar, slated steel wall, antler chandeliers and racks of skis and sleds, require attention and precision in order to highlight their uniqueness without overwhelming patrons. In the wine room a glowing backdrop emphasizes the verticality and opulence of the elegant space. A slated wall in the rear of the dining hall is layered with gaps to reveal a glowing “sunset” of oranges and reds behind. The wall concept is to deconstruct a plane by removing or pulling back the pieces, yet still retain a sense of solid structure and form through the use of colored light.