Mansfield Hotel

A return to old world splendor and elegance makes a new impression in 21 century at the Mansfield, a luxury boutique hotel in the heart of Midtown Manhattan. Renowned for its well-appointed, romantic appeal, this historic hotel built in 1903 enjoys a contemporary facelift while its celebrated Beaux Art history remains intact.

The elegant façade required hidden and subtly placed fixtures so as not to detract from the formal architectural composition. Emphasizing the stone’s color, the elaborate masonry detail, and visual rhythms composed by the repetitive form of the windows and columns was absolutely necessary to bring warmth and sparkle to the hotel exterior that now makes it the most visually striking building on 44th Street.

Due to the Mansfield’s constant popularity, the Hotel was not able to be closed in its entirety to accommodate renovation as reservations are frequently booked months in advance. As a result, Focus implemented the design changes in a manner fitting to a Hotel dedicated to attention to detail, and fine service: one room at a time.