About Us


Collaboration is at the core of our process. Throughout the course of our 30 year history, we have worked to nurture and cultivate a culture centered around the collaborative process, both internally and with the design teams we work with outside our office.


Great designs are a result of great execution. That's why Focus is involved in every step of the process - from the initial creative collaboration through detailing and budgeting all the way to the final aim and adjust. We treat the opening of every project like the opening of a Broadway show - when the curtain goes up, everything has to be just right.


No matter how big or small the challenge, Focus will work tirelessly to ensure the best design possible clients. Our dedication is the reason 80% of our work is from repeat clients.


Great design starts with great people. That's why we hire the best creative minds in the industry and we pride ourselves on the collective knowledge of our team. Together, we create modern, efficient and thought provoking designs.